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Since its inception in the early 1900’s the Institute of Grocery Distribution has been working to improve the retail industry in the United Kingdom.


Providing insight and leadership through trusted collaborative industry relationships, IGD seeks to increase standards within the industry and place the customer at the top of the decision-making tree.


Launched in 2015, IGD’s Feeding Britain’s Future programme leverages partnerships with the leading names in Retail to help young people access jobs in the sector. Coupled with its groundbreaking “On-Demand Learning Hub,” it helps them up-skill, posting online video content on core proficiencies needed in the Retail Sector.

As an integral part of a tri-partite system of government in Singapore, the NTUC Learning Hub firmly believes in working with unions, employers and the government to improve the employability of Singapore's working people and help create a better, and more meaningful life for all.


"Transforming People" is the essential ideal that drives their brand, encapsulating what they offer to their customers and partners.


Singapore believes in work-fair not welfare. Citizens are encouraged to increase their skills to gain employment.  The NTUC Learning Hub exists to provide these skills.  This ensures a greater share of the economic pie for all.

An early pioneer of education for women in Saudi Arabia, Effat is continually striving to uphold the legacy of its founder, Queen Effat Al- Thunayyan Al-Saud by pushing the boundaries of education for Saudi ladies. 


From its beginnings offering courses in Computer Science and Kindergarten education, Effat is now pioneering degrees in Visual and Digital Production.  Offered nowhere else in Saudi Arabia, this degree furthers the goal of the university to prepare women for the job market and increase their opportunities to find work and educate tomorrow’s leaders.


Effat stands proudly at the vanguard of ladies education in Saudi Arabia and Wisaal is proud to be associated with this forward thinking organization.

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