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Dr Ghazi Faisal Binzagr


Chairman and Founder


Advisor, Strategist, Member Al Shura Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Member Beit Binzagr Group of companies

Personal Mission: To Seek and Understand, Channel and Enable, Truth.. Beauty.. and Meaning.

Personal Vision: To Make Our Home a Place of Truth...Beauty... and Meaning.

By vocation he is a Merchant , a spiritualist and a holistic learner , observational ponderer, serenity seeker,  policy advisor  , interdisciplinary social scientist, socio-cultural architect,  organizational anthropologist and constructionist , management and organizational development consultant , board member and an occasional speaker.. He specialises in the social construction of reality , social-psychology of organizing, individual and institutional reframing, large scale transformation, meaning building and enabling.

He holds a Phd in Management and Organizational development from New Mexico State University , BSc degree in Physics and Master in International Relation.


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