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"Wisaal's quests to build bridges between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore

Wisaal Consultancy Services targets private and public entities that are looking to enter and expand into Singapore and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We assist companies in preparing them to enter new market, assist in market-entry, and then after market expansion. Wisaal has developed strong relationships in the public and private sector over the years, and has an established network of experts in different industries and countries predominantly in the GCC and Singapore, enabling its clients to enter new markets quicker through established trust channels, and more confidently with experts that deeply understand their core market and how to navigate its intricacies. 

Our Services


We provide a set of fixed services as well as customised services based on the client needs

Market Entry

We make introductions to privilege relationships where there are opportunities to establish shared value creation.

IP & Technology Exchange

We enable technological and innovation exchange by distilling the end-benefit and finding the right customer or partner in need of it. 

Learning Journeys

We help organisations learn from best practices in the private/public sector by institutions that exemplify them. 

Market Expansion

We help corporate entities enter and expand in our markets by sourcing, aligning and enabling

win-win partnerships.

Custom Program

If you don't see any service that matches your exact need, schedule a call and let us know. There is a good chance we can customized a specific service package to meet yours needs.

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