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Our Clients

In many ways our clients reflect Wisaal’s journey and personal development. Wisaal’s merchant roots in the Beit Binzagr family group naturally drew us to family business and retail clients who also recognised the fundamental need for responsible business practice, such as Binzagr Co-Ro LTD., Alesayi, and MOK Trading Establishment. As the Wisaal vision developed and took shape, our horizons expanded until they no longer existed, with our goal extending beyond seeking best practice in business, to empowering communities to grow holistically. Where clients were once likeminded businesses, they are now kin, carefully selected for their potential, desire to drive impactful change, and alignment with the principles of Truth, Beauty, and Meaning. Our clients are diversified businesses such as NESMA, government institutions such as HRDF, and future influencers striving to find their calling. They are all an extension of the Wisaal family, and we nurture them like family.


Do our transformational ambitions resonate with you? Then perhaps you have what it takes to be a Wisaalist.


Will you join us in reaching beyond best practice?

Here is a track record of our client engagements connecting Singapore and Saudi entities.

Public Sector

  1. Designed and coordinated Learning Journey visit for Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labour and its agencies officials, to understand Singapore’s manpower development initiatives and framework (Partner: NTUC Learning Hub)

  2. Invited by the College of Excellence for the Excellence InLab Programme to share Singapore experience in vocational training – ‘Learning by Doing’ which won the gold award at the event (Partner: SSA Consultancy)

  3. Designed and coordinated Learning Journey for HRDF employees to learn the Singapore experience in Customer Service Excellence (Partner: Civil Service College)

  4. Consultancy Project – Facilitate the engagement with HRDF on learning and development project (Partner: NTUC Learning Hub)

  5. Consultancy Project – Facilitate the engagement with Takamol on Life Long Learning Solutions (Partner: Conexus Singapore)


Private Sector

  1. Learning Journey for Nesma Group to learn the Singapore model in setting up a training center for professionals (Partner: NTUC Learning Hub)

  2. Designed & coordinated the transformational learning experience for Binzagr Group employees training in Singapore (Partner:  NTUC Learning Hub)

  3. Consultancy Project – Design & Development of HR-KPI & Audit Tool for Nesma Group (Partner: SSA Consultancy)

  4. Consultancy Project - HR Transformation Project for Binzagr Group (Partner: SSA Consultancy)

  5. Consultancy Project - Facilitate the Set-up of JV Company for the Sky Green Vertical Farming Project (Partner: Sky Urban Pte Ltd)

  6. Consultancy Project – Facilitate the engagement for Cyber Security Project (Partner: ClearManage Singapore)

  7. Consultancy Project – Leadership and Coaching for Management (Partner: SDG International Pte Ltd)


Our Track Record

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