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Market Place Live

Sunday, April 16, saw the first collaboration between Wisaal and Integrated Learning Training Centre (ILTC), an innovative training brand headed by Mr. Muhammad Kabli that utilizes technological tools to provide practical, hands-on learning for clients.

Under the direction of Dr. Husam Alshareef, ILTC and Wisaal squared off in the Marketplace Live Business Simulation programme, an interactive exercise that replicates the day-to-day running of a business. The attendees – including myself – were divided into teams, briefed on the ‘sector’ we were entering, allocated virtual budgets, and let loose on one another. The outcome was fun, engaging, and holistically thought provoking. The four teams were forced to engage with every aspect of the fictional business, from its strategy and tactics, to its finances and marketing. As a creative, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself engaging with dimensions of business I had previously found intimidating.

The programme lasted for a day, though depending on how in depth you want to go the option to attend longer versions is available. By the end of the evening the event had grown quite competitive (my team made an impressive rebound), and all participants had learned valuable lessons from the mistakes and solutions that were implemented across the four “quarters.”

Stay tuned for an in-depth quarter by quarter write up coming soon.

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