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Sailing Ahead: SME Alignment with SEA

Ali Alesayi

First for Decoration

"Thank you Wisaal team for your help in clarifying strategic imperatives for our company and guiding us towards setting a strong vision and mission for us to communicate henceforward. Thank you Ms. Noha Alesayi, Mr. Zuraimi Naharudin, and Mr. Abdulhakeem Alaqeel, may God grant you success and prosperity." - Mr. Saeed Bakadam, CEO of First for Decoration.

Wisaal recently delivered its SEA programme for the first time to two very different clients: First for Decoration, and Ali Alesayi Establishment. The SEA workshop operates similarly to SPEAR, in which an existing corporate entity is examined top to bottom to identify areas in need of improvement, and to formulate a comprehensive set of strategic imperatives and appropriate tactical benchmarks. Unlike SPEAR, which is designed for sprawling mega corporations, SEA is a scaled down and highly focused exercise tailored specifically for SME’s.

It’s always a pleasure engaging clients across different industries. It permits insight into the unique challenges and joys that define the world they operate in, enriching our team with knowledge and growth that in turn factors into our future engagements with other clients in a process of symbiotic improvement that is mutually beneficial to all.

Our work with Alesayi Establishment followed a recent Arbor* session, delivered to a women’s fashion start-up at the beginning of the year. The short amount of time between the workshops drew intriguing parallels among them, highlighting the altogether different challenges that confront an established presence in the industry. Unlike the start-up, Alesayi has a very particular market and clear purpose, which necessitated a more ‘on the ground’ approach from our team. How can Alesayi improve the way they communicate their products to consumers? How can they optimise their shop layouts to improve the customer experience? How should they tailor their approach to expanding their product line? All questions that varied significantly from the more foundational and conceptual approach taken during the Arbor workshop.

The questions only broadened in scope with the introduction of yet another industry to the mix within the small bubble of time since the start of the New Year. First Decoration is a company specialising in high-end interior design, another new experience for the team, with its own set of challenges. Our head of OD took the reigns on this one, undergoing fieldwork on the ground prior to the workshop to diagnose the issues that First Decoration management presented to us. After thoroughly assessing them, we got together at their HQ for the SEA workshop, honing in on their particular challenges which included clarifying specifics of their vision, refining operating procedures, and guiding them towards developing win-win strategic partnerships.

A third SEA workshop is being discussed with a prospective client that would have Wisaal engage yet another unfamiliar industry. We’re looking forward to moving ahead and applying our learnings in fashion and interior design to other challenges in innovative ways.

For more on SEA, Arbor, and our other services, please click here:

*Arbor: an axle or spindle on which something revolves; a garden structure on which plants and vines can grow.


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