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A Bit on a Busy Week @ Wisaal

The Wisaal office has been a place of movement and of new friends and faces this week. Guests have been gracing us with their time, specialities, personalities and insights and we couldn't be more pleased.

Our head of OD Mr. David Feachnie delivered a course on mind mapping to the President of Binzagr Company, Mr. Ahmed Binzagr. Bearing all the hallmarks of Mr. Feachnie’s inimitable style, his mind mapping course certainly was an exercise in memory retention with an abundance of visually engaging teaching materials plastered everywhere, and rock music blaring out the office speakers. Stay tuned for a full write up of the experience early next week!

We were also visited by Mr. Tawfiq Al-Sayegh, well known in the region for his distinctive Quranic delivery. He joined members of the Wisaal team for breakfast, and shared some of his fascinating life story with us. It was a pleasure meeting and hosting him, and we hope he’s able to join us again in the near future.

Many more developments, visits, and other bits of news coming soon. Keep an eye on this space for more Wisaal expressions.

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