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Greece Trip

At the invitation of Enterprise Greece two members of the Wisaal Team headed to Thessaloniki and Athens in early May to attend four days of Business to Business meetings with some of the most innovative Greek food producers.

Arriving at the newly renovated Macedonia Hotel in Thessaloniki there was barely time to check in & get changed before starting the day’s meetings. After a later than scheduled finish the Enterprise Greece team whisked us of to the first of three formal diners. The restaurant chosen was “B”, alongside the Museum. A sumptuous meal followed, the risotto with mushroom was awesome.

The next day started with more meetings & trying to see all the companies was a rushed affair as we had to leave in the late afternoon to return to Athens. The Team did get to walk along the seafront & sample the old town.

It’s impossible to list all the fantastic foods we sampled, but some highlights were: roasted eggplant, greek yoghurt, fantastic herbal tea and Kalamata Olive paste. No wonder the Team members put on a few kilos during this trip.

Arriving in Athens we checked into the Athens Plaza Hotel, just across the square from the Parliament Building. Our packed schedule of meetings started the next day at the Zapppeion Exhibition Hall in Athens. The Team met more companies then were scheduled & would have liked to meet more of the wonderful companies & sample their wares.

Dinner the second night in Athens as a formal affair at a wonderful seafood restaurant. By this time the B2B group had expanded to include delegations from Poland and Egypt as well as the Saudi, Japanese and Korean contingents.

The final day of the B2B meetings continued with more wonderful products to sample, and interesting people to meet. Again listing everything would take for ever, but some highlights were; wonderful presentation packs of Olive Oil, smoked fish, feta cheese made from Sheep’s milk, awesome chocolates & confectionery and some very innovative new ideas for serving tea. Dinner was at a traditional Greek BBQ restaurant for meat feast. On top of all the samples this finished off the day perfectly.

Ms. Noha Alesayi - the GM of Wisaal Development Company with Mrs. Alexandra Pitta - MD of Attiki Pittas Company - One of the biggest Greek Honey Companies during the honey farm visit.

The last day was a “free day”, the Wisaal Team spent theirs touring the oldest honey producer "Attiki Pittas" in Greece and visiting the starting point for the Olympic Marathon Race and having coffee overlooking the Marathon Lake. Spectacular views!

Wisaal will now introduce some of the products we saw and tasted into the Saudi market, in cooperation with the Greek companies and our local partners, and at the same time work to increase the awareness of Greece and its products in the Saudi market. Wisaal is also looking to take unique products and services, designed and developed in Saudi Arabia, to the Greek market. This will strengthen the bond between the two countries.

Our thanks must go to the Enterprise Greece team for arranging this event and for making sure that everything was in place at the right time. No small achievement shepherding such a large group. Wisaal would like to especially thank the Greek Consul General in Jeddah Mr Theodore Xypolias for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to visit Greece and participate in this event.

As Athens is only a short 3hour flight from Jeddah and Agean Air now has two direct flights a week you owe it to yourself to visit this fascinating country and sample some of the fantastic food on offer. See you in Greece!

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