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Wisaal's Desert Safari

We know how to enjoy ourselves too!

Wisaal recently organized a desert-safari trip for its staff, friends, and family; taking advantage of a commodity Saudi has in abundance to kick start the weekend in traditional Arab fashion.

The group met at the Wisaal office, where the safari organizers sent a bus to bring everyone to the campsite. The location wasn’t very far, about 50 minutes south of the city in a patch of desert popular with locals for its prevalence of sand dunes (perfect for dune bashing!)

It was a pleasant surprise to find a traditional jalsa (Arabian lounge setup) prepared for the group’s arrival, with light refreshments including snacks, tea and Arabic coffee set up between the padded seating. The group wasted no time, quickly going for the quad-bikes, or one of the two desert-able jeeps prepped for dune bashing. By sunset, everyone was back from their sandy escapades. A trained falcon watched on as the group enjoyed the crisp winter evening or played games set up by our hosts.

For dinner, a traditional mabshoor barbecue was served alongside a magnificent lamb spit roast. Afterwards, the group enjoyed fresh kunafaa dessert as a traditional Oud player performed classic and popular Arabic compositions. A projector was later set up for some karaoke, while others went off to enjoy the night-time landscape. By midnight festivities were winding down, and everyone was soon back on the bus headed home to Jeddah.

Everyone was impressed by the hospitality of Jeddah Safari Club and their professionalism that shined through every aspect of the trip. It takes little effort to pack your things and enjoy the desert, but the immersion of the experience provided by the club, from the jalsa and jeeps, to the traditional barbecue and musical performance was unparalleled.

…Maybe next time we’ll book the camel-racing option.

If you're curious about what we do when we're in the office (and a lot less sandy) click here


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