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Mental Navigation: Mind Mapping with David Feachnie

We posted recently on the going-ons here at Wisaal last week, covering a dizzying spectrum of activity that you can read about here and here. Of particular note was the Mind Mapping course our very own head of Organizational Development Mr. David Feachnie delivered to the President of Binzagr Co. Mr. Ahmed Binzagr. As promised, we decided to elaborate on this unorthodox method of memory retention, and some of the many benefits it can bring to your business.

Known as ‘The Genius Tool,’ Mind Mapping was invented by Tony Buzan in the 70’s as a way to record large volumes of information in a streamlined visual format. The linear way we normally record data in sentences conflicts with the way our brains forge connections three-dimensionally, in a manner more akin to a Jackson Pollock painting. Mind Mapping is designed to mirror the way the human brain actually works, allowing for the optimisation of data retention and recall.

This is what makes it special. Unlike other methods of note taking, Mind Mapping functions as a user friendly and singular method for both organizing information with clarity and structure, and improving the accuracy of memory and recall. It’s a framework constrained only by the limits of human experience, applicable to functions as broad as creative brainstorming, strategic planning, project management, to-do lists, or even something as simple as basic note-taking.

During Mr. Binzagr’s half-day session, his specific goals in strategic organization were tailored to. Mr. Feachnie – who is Buzan-certified in Mind Mapping - started the day off with an overview of the fundamentals, before quickly transitioning into a series of hands-on attempts at various types of Mind Maps, covering subjects like ‘What to Pack on Holiday’ before progressing to more complex objective-specific themes, and tips for implementation in a business setting.

During the session Mr. Binzagr asked if Mind Mapping can be ‘turned-off’ once learned. It absolutely can be. It is simply an additional tool to be utilized whenever needed. You can learn more about Mind Mapping, its history, how it works, and applications on the Buzan website.

If you’d like to know more about how Wisaal specifically uses Mind Mapping, you can find out more about our Mind Mapping packages and applications here


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