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To the Point: A Closer Look at SPEAR

“Thank you Wisaal. Thank you SPEAR. The workshop conducted to build the strategy for the City Council was beneficial. God Willing (Insha Allah) it will motivate us towards systematic work and clear specific goals.

[Mr. Abdul Majeed Al Batati; Council Chairman]

As part of Wisaal’s strategic imperative to facilitate holistic transformation, the Organizational Alignment service is offered as a unique product to clients, centered around a highly intensive workshop: SPEAR. Offered exclusively by Wisaal, the workshop utilizes the combined expertise of Wisaal’s consultants under the guidance of Mr. Tengku Indra, a veteran leadership and management coach with years of experience training and mentoring thousands of professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

With an emphasis on establishing clarity in vision, mission, strategy, and execution, the Organizational Alignment workshop is a dynamic and interactive programme that uses Wisaal’s expertise in human development training, creative solutions, and managerial experience to engage clients and draw out their fullest potential. Participants over the 2 day workshop will often suggest the best ideas themselves, engaging our consultants and each other in a thought-provoking and interactive environment that generates creative momentum over the course of the programme’s funnelled approach.

Grand ideas inspire ambitious goals towards which realistic steps are devised. Paradigm shifting objectives are set, and low-hanging fruits are identified and taken with immediate results. Every SPEAR workshop so far has unfolded this way.

Wisaal recently had the pleasure of working with the city of Jeddah’s recently elected City Council. Over the course of 2 days, Wisaal – lead by Mr. Tengku Indra and co-facilitated by Mr. Zuraimi Naharudin– worked closely with the Council in coming to understand their difficulties in establishing direction, the immediacy of their various challenges, and how to go about serving the city not just during their term, but also in laying groundwork for future councils to benefit from. The task was complicated, challenging, and essential, however the enthusiasm and commitment to constructive change demonstrated by the council made Wisaal’s role as facilitator both rewarding and enjoyable. Out of the previous uncertainty, a vision was set and long-term goals were identified. What was once daunting and out of reach became tangible, and immediate steps were taken to begin the process of change. Moreover, a desired legacy was identified, and additional steps were outlined to make the outcome of the session a two-pronged one: to transform the Council into an effective body whose impact is felt now, and to play the long strategy so that the impact of their efforts are observed for years to come.

Testimonials by the participants

“The workshop was amazing and outstanding, it gave us clarity for our Vision and allowed us to specify our goals and increased our aspirations towards better performance for the work of Council to achieve the aspirations of our citizens”

[Dr. Adnan Mustafa Al Bar; Council Vice-Chairman]

“This workshop revived me with lots of energy, with its analysis of the many challenges that which we face. Today I am very hopeful towards an excellent start to serve our beautiful city. Today I finally have a true vision, firm values and a clear mission”

[Mr. Shakir Al Shehri]

“The benefits that we gained form this workshop are that we connected to each other and we created ideas ahead of us to begin the change”

[Ms. Rasha Hifzi]

“Dear Wisaal Team,

Thank you. I have attended many different workshops similar to this programme and found your delivery to be excellent with good time management; and goal settings and ideas were put across clearly and easily understood”

[Mr. Saleh Al Amri]

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