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Wisaal @ KAUST - Winter Enrichment Programme

We are grateful to KAUST for giving our chairman Dr. Ghazi Binzagr the opportunity to participate in their annual Winter Enrichment Programme. It was a pleasure meeting the students and faculty, exchanging life treks and challenges encountered along the way, and gaining insight into the truly unique and innovative social and intellectual frontier that is KAUST.

The theme of the lecture was ‘The Merchant Teacher,’ in which Dr. Ghazi shared an overview of his heritage with the audience, how it shaped him, and how he was able to reconcile the requirements of his family in the family business with his personal interests in human and organizational development.

Following the lecture, KAUST staff extended enormous hospitality in treating us to a 3-course lunch and a tour of the facilities, including an incredible interactive museum of the history of the Islamic world.

We would like to thank KAUST for their graciousness, for the opportunity to participate in their programme, and for the chance to meet their bright students in a world-class educational environment. We hope we get the chance to visit again soon.

The full speech will be made available on YouTube shortly. Stay tuned for an update here, where it will be linked for convenience.

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